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Index – Tech-Science – Sweden’s largest mountain meets two meters per year

Sweden’s Kepnikice Mountain has lost more than 20 meters of its height since the mid-1990s due to melting snow due to climate change, and the mountain’s southern tip has decreased by more than two meters annually, researchers said. .

The southern summit of Kebnekaise was Sweden’s highest mountain, but after a third of the glacier on the hilltop melted, by 2019, the northern summit of the mountain was already the highest point in the country. There is no ice cover at the northern summit. During the southern peak, it also fell by two meters last year due to warming caused by climate change, an article in the Guardian newspaper said in a statement from Stockholm University on Tuesday.

On August 14, the southern summit of Kepnikais reached a height of 2094.6 meters. This was the lowest value since regular measurements began in the 1940s. The researchers explained this phenomenon mainly through rising air temperatures, as well as changing wind conditions, as these factors affect where snow accumulates in winter.

According to the letter, the changes reflect Sweden’s longstanding warming. The university recalled a recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change that global warming has caused an unprecedented melting of glaciers. Kebnekaise is located 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. In the mid-1990s, its southern peak was still 2,118 feet high.

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