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Index – Tech-Science – The hour of speaking in France is over

The French Post Office, which was the first to introduce the “speaking clock” in the world, suspended the telephone service, announcing the exact time at dawn on Friday. The automatic service, which cost 1.50 euros just before it stopped, has been used by fewer and fewer people in recent years, as anyone can see the exact time instantly by looking at their mobile phone.

The “talking clock”, considered a French invention, was operated on February 14, 1933 at the Paris Observatory. At that time, interest in him was so great that of the 140,000 calls received on the 20 lines, only 20,000 could be answered using the technology of that time.

Before the device was introduced, observatory staff informed callers of the exact time to live. Since then, the technology has been constantly updated, since 1991 the payphone has been connected to the atomic clock of the observatory. With the data pre-fed, the service could have run until 2085 without much effort.

In Germany, advertising for the exact time continues to work, and according to Telekom Deutschland, it is also popular, and there is a lot of interest in it, especially during the transition to winter and summer.


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