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Index – Tech-Science – The Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded this year for heat and touch sensing research

The Royal Swedish Academy has decided that in 2021, David Julius and Erdem Patabutian will receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine, they announced Monday morning.

David Julius discovered the active ingredient in hot peppers, capsaicin, in 1997 he discovered the TRPV1 receptor, which is located in nerve endings responsible for sensing skin heat.

Molecular biologist Ardem Patapoutian discovered the pressure sensitive receptors PIEZ01 and PIEZ02 and their function by identifying new ion channels.

The researchers identified the missing links that were a breakthrough in understanding how our nervous system perceives the world around us, heat, and mechanical influences.

When asked if the award-winning research has anything to do with the coronavirus pandemic, a member of the award committee noted that over the past year, the virus has moved away from people who realized the importance of sensing a hug and the other. proximity.

The discoverers of hepatitis C, or hepatitis, were awarded the Nobel Medical Prize last year by Harvey J. Alter, Michael Hutton and Charles M. Rice.

Due to the Academy’s well-known conservative approach, the prize will be awarded decades later for a particular discovery, so Catalin Carrico and fellow researcher Drew Wiseman, who are considered highly likely, did not win the Nobel Prize in Medicine this year.

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