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In the field of automation, the now 100-year-old Szeged University Library visited Hungarian libraries several years ago, he writes Southern Hungary.

The antecedents of this date back to 1977, when the group of mathematics professor Laszlo Kalmar began recording data on 144,000 books in a university library on tape in a nearby computer center, moreover, from the first moment it was recorded in MARC format. , which later became a global standard.

In the early 1990s, Károly Kokas and Géza Bakonyi, two of the Library’s employees, began to contemplate a revival of these perforated tapes, and soon eight computers from the Mellon Foundation’s tender appeared in the Library’s corridor in Dugonics Square, where the Library’s catalog was available. At that time, it was at least 5 years before the Internet spread to the web.

In 1991, the first online library catalog was created here.

Everything came together at once: processing material collected since 1977, computer knowledge and information technology. Other Hungarian libraries, if they can buy such a server, have officially announced that they already have 17 records and will soon own 42. We started setting 144,000 records

– said Karoly Kokas, Vice President of Information Division.

At least fifty of the 126 employees in the university library now perform tasks that did not yet exist in a traditional library.

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