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Index – Tech-Science – The stratosphere is shrinking due to the impact of global warming

An International Climate Research Team from satellite data and modeling has shown that man-made greenhouse gases are thinning the stratosphere. Their results Environmental Research Letters Published in the journal.

The stratosphere is the layer of the atmosphere that lies above the troposphere surrounding the Earth’s surface, and extends from a height of 10 to 20 kilometers to a height of 50 kilometers (due to the Earth’s rotation, it is higher at the equator than at the corners).

Previous research has shown that the troposphere is thicker due to greenhouse gases and the stratosphere rises due to the trapped heat of carbon dioxide. However, new research says that the carbon dioxide entering this layer of the atmosphere causes cooling and further dilution.

The new study analyzed satellite data dating back to the 1980s and found that the stratosphere was about 400 meters, that is,

It was 1 percent thinner

In recent decades.

They estimate that the stratosphere could shrink another 1.3 km by 2080. The researchers noted that the ban on CFCs and the recovery of the ozone layer did not affect the depletion of the stratosphere.

According to the researchers, these changes could affect the orbits of satellites and the spread of radio waves, which could affect the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS), for example.

(IFL ScienceAnd the Phys.orgAnd the Sputnik)

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