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Index – Tech-Science – The way for longer TikTok videos has opened فتح

The popular social media platform is increasing the length of downloadable videos from one minute to three minutes.

From the start of the third fiscal quarter – July 1 – the length of videos that can be uploaded to TikTok will increase from one minute to three minutes, announce Drew Kirchhoff Product Manager. The rationale behind the change is that for many videographers working on the platform, a sixty second time frame is not enough. According to TikTok, these are, for example, videos about beauty and makeup, which mainly produce cooking or other food content.

TikTok has come under pressure from the community, as users have long demanded to increase the length of the videos that can be uploaded so that they do not have to split longer content into multiple videos and upload them in installments.

The three-minute videos have already been released to more users, with TikTok gradually being made available to everyone.

Originally, there was a fifteen-second time limit for TikTok videos, which was raised to one minute, giving birth to competitors like Snapchat Spotlight or YouTube Shorts. With the coming of the three-minute videos, users are expected to watch them for more time and thus spend more time in the app, which is what TikTok aims for.

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