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Index – Tech-Science – They shoot under their skirts, liquidate their group

The BBC TV report looked at photos taken on Facebook by men under little girls’ and women’s skirts. The BBC report also showed a video of a man following a girl at school as she climbed the stairs. Facebook has since removed the man’s user account, and the BBC notified the New York Police of the case.

BBC journalists published these posts, users and Facebook groups on the site, but Facebook did not immediately remove them, claiming that they “do not violate Facebook’s community policy”.

However, on Wednesday Meta announced that it had taken action between groups, users and hashtags (#) to indicate the issue following a BBC investigation. A statement from Facebook’s parent company described it as “allowing to share intimate photos taken on Facebook without consent, including under the skirt photography.”

We know our work will never end, and we will continue to remove any offensive content as soon as we become aware of it.

writes dead.

MTI has reported that photographing under skirts has been a crime in both England and Wales since 2019.

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