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Index – Tech-Science – We sing 1 billion songs a month

Popular music recognition app Shazam has reached a milestone: based on its June 17 announcement, users will learn a new song a billion times per month using the app. Since Shazam was launched in 2002, the service has been used over fifty billion times in total.

Shazam was launched as an SMS service in the UK in 2002 and then entered the US in 2004. Then, by dialing “2580”, users entered a 30-second call and then received the data of the song snippet sent to the device via SMS.

Caller ID song recognition is billed for each call, but a monthly subscription can also be purchased, the latter also including an online catalog with data on previously recognized songs.

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The rise of Shazam came in 2008 when the app was released on both Android and iPhone. The app has appeared many times among the most recommended software on the two platforms and at the forefront of download charts. In late 2014, Shazam became compatible with Siri Assistant for iPhone, and in 2015 became available for Android mobile devices, the predecessor to today’s Wear OS.

The company reached its first billion in 2018, the year Apple acquired Shazam and integrated it into its systems and Apple Music. As of 2020, cross-browser music recognition can now be used on any system.

Shazam currently has a library of 51 million songs that people have used over fifty billion times. The 50 Billion Recognized Song is a pop song from the Far East, and the most popular song since the beginning of Shazam is Tone and I dancing monkey Song.

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Apple will announce the technology used by Music Recognition as ShazamKit this year, allowing developers to integrate with third-party apps. As a result, in addition to the Shazam database, the program will also be able to recognize pre-recorded audio samples with custom clicks.