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Index – Tech-Science – What do Adi Indri, Bella Humvas, Pall Erdos and Margit Kafka have in common?

Sixteen asteroids have been discovered in Hungary: the names of Endre Ady, Béla Hamvas, Pál Erdős, Margit Kaffka and Anna Dévény, among others, have been added to the celestial map.

As reported Wednesday by the ELKH Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, naming asteroids is a long-standing tradition. Accordingly, the explorer has the right to choose a name for his explorer. This was the case two hundred years ago, and this is the case today, when for a long time the names could not keep up with the hundreds of thousands of celestial bodies found by automated telescopes. The tradition still lives on, even as conditions have grown more stringent over the years. At first, new asteroids were named immediately after their discovery, after which they had to wait for them to be numbered, which is conditional on accurate orbital arithmetic, that is, safe identification.

Hungary was an asteroid superpower for a narrow decade from the end of the 1930s, he says, adding that the research program led by Gyorgy Kolin at the Svábhegy Observatory at the time was carried out by Szeged University and the ELKH Center for Astronomy and Earth Observation in 1997. It was renewed in framework. Nearly 2,000 asteroids have since been discovered by astronomy stars, as well as by students and staff at SZTE and ELTE, using the 60 cm Schmidt telescope of the Astronomical Institute’s Astronomical Observatory.

In order to obtain the orb serial number, it was two different years, then at least four different oppositions, and nowadays it is often observed during 10-12 oppositions. Then, you have ten years to find the name given to the asteroid by the explorer in serial numbering. They can break out of almost every sphere of life, but there is a hundred-year ban on politicians and soldiers.

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Acceptance of names was suspended for about a year and a half, as the right to officially announce the names changed, but in May of this year, the process was finally resumed, so the 16 Hungarian names proposals that had been submitted earlier were submitted. Approved.

Although the choice of name is a personal matter, they try to choose names from the fields of science, sports and culture in equal proportions, MTI was quoted as saying.

Among the newly christened asteroids are Adyendre, Dévényanna, Erdőspál, Várkonyiágnes, Kaffkamargit, Halmospál, Lukácsbéla and Komjádibéla, but they have also named asteroids from Katinka Hosszú and Attila Kas.