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Index – Tech-Science – Zuckerberg created TikTok from Facebook

Previously, index mentioned About the continued popularity of TikTok, the Chinese app produces almost incomprehensible numbers, it crossed one billion monthly active users last September, and the app itself was downloaded nearly four billion times – so it’s no surprise that Meta has taken note of all of that.

The name Reels appeared on Instagram as early as the end of 2019, with the goal of replacing its predecessor, IG TV, with which Meta didn’t really know what it wanted to start, hoping its creators would find out – in the end, however, they didn’t even succeed. The format was first released on a beta basis only in Brazil, France, Germany and India, but has been available to all users since November of last year.

Zuckerberg now wants to implement this format based on a minimum of 15 but a maximum of 180 seconds of video on his Facebook feed as well.

Reels is already our fastest growing content format, making it available to everyone around the world on Facebook today. We want Reels to be the best place for content creators to connect with their community and make a living, so we also introduce new monetization tools.

Mark Zuckerberg informed users on his Facebook page, who, despite promising that Reels is now available to everyone, is not to most users.

There was a similar situation a few years ago, when Meta crossed the incredibly popular Snapchat app, and took over the platform’s “Stories” format, which relies on sharing known photos and videos that disappear within 24 hours. The feature has enjoyed continued popularity ever since, and over the years has become a defining part of both Facebook and Instagram – we’ll see how well Meta does with the wide introduction of Reels.

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(Cover Image: Ruzsovics Dorina/Index)