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Index – Tech – We investigated the bloody serial killings in Tokyo

In the investigative thriller Judgment, the charismatic Japanese special investigator and former lawyer: Takayuki Yagami, we also follow in the footsteps of the Japanese mafia families, Jacques, to investigate brutal serial murders in a fictional Tokyo neighborhood. We tested the game on Xbox Series X.

In every part of the Yakuza series, which now includes eight games, we manage to control Kazuma Kiryu, one of the underworld champions of well-known Japanese criminal organizations Yakuz, in the same location: Kamarucho, the non-existent, fictional quarter of Tokyo. (Only the character of the hero has changed in the latter part.) The highly complex story game series is reminiscent of the Netflix series, not least because of respectable playtime, which can start up to 30-40 hours for each part.

Judgment of the Yakuza series, but equipped with a different hero and a slightly different gameplay, Judgment debuted in Japan in 2018 and later in the rest of the world in 2019, the next-generation version just arrived on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadium, and we threw ourselves straight away.

Police adventure.

Verdict (Source: SEGA)

In Japan, only 1% of court cases save a person

The game begins with this very interesting discovery, in which Takayuki Yagami is still in its start a young lawyer who exceeds the 1% rate: he has succeeded in acquitting someone of the charge of premeditated murder. Yes, but shortly after the case, which was positive for the accused, it appears that his former client has killed a person: this time his love.

Yagami himself then felt that he had lost so many “faces” in the case (as humiliation in the Land of the Rising Sun is called) that he had to give up his profession and become a private investigator with his own office and former Jacuzzi partner. (Yagami himself was a jacuzzi in the Age of Demons.) Three years later, in collaboration with his former law firm, he often investigates the evidence in various criminal cases that could acquit the firm’s clients. (A little like HBO Perry Mason The series makes the protagonist, only there will be a special attorney in Season 2 Mason, while Yagami points in the opposite direction.)

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And in his most recent case, Yagami, at first, a jacuzzi boss named Hamura searches for a very rude look.

Serial kill “scratch”

After his testimony and then his beard. He does all this despite the fact that the mysterious “mole” who committed the serial murders (which he called himself) is getting closer and closer to him, and not even a little Jack has looked at “Hamas” Yagami with good eyes …

Verdict (Source: SEGA)

Verdict (Source: SEGA)

Yakuza Black

The Yakuza parts are usually very bleak often, although the parts are a bit intentional, funnyly out of place. The referee, on the other hand, put two hoops above this darker, more serious approach. It’s a true “Yakuza Noir”, in every sense of the word, as it stars a private detective who is often involved in shaky and life-threatening situations where he can either be beaten or seriously life threatening. Thanks to this, the story is in many ways higher quality, more realistic, more believable, and more realistic heroine.

The protagonist in the game is one by the way

He is a famous actor and former pop star in Japan,

It was starred by Takuya Kimura, who has starred in several high-budget Japanese films, including Netflixes’ Samurai, Immortal blade He also starred in it. Perhaps the character of the hero is even more authentic and believable thanks to the fact that he is here played by a real and professional actor thanks to the motion capture, we just can’t hear his dubbed voice. The same goes for the other characters anyway, everyone has done an amazing professional job, right down to the last supporting character.

Speaking of the actors, it is worth noting that Pierre Tackett had to be replaced by the aforementioned Hammura role because a man who was also a star in his homeland was convicted of a drug deal and thus was banned from all his work and role. Later cut this play. So much so, that not only was another actor sought after for dubbing, but even the outward appearance of the character was reformulated. Taqi’s career appears to be over, unlike Western culture

Verdict (Source: SEGA)

Verdict (Source: SEGA)

This super cop will also tickle Bruce Lee

In Judgment, we also find classic detective, dialogue and combat parts taken from Yakuza, similar to adventure games. Somewhere I always thought it comic that in Yakuza games we could mostly fight with our gangster and not kill anyone, but here somewhere it makes sense that with a private wearer and ex-attorney beside the law we wouldn’t kill our enemies, just beat them well .

As for the latter, this part of the game is very similar to the previous Yakuza games, only there are differences in the skill tree and certain abilities associated with it.

However, in terms of difficulty, the developers backed off a bit: while Kazuma Kiryu, the usual protagonist of Yakuza in the first seven (including Yakuza 0), sweated several times in a showdown or two, here with Yagami she easily overcame the Jacuzzi (provided You didn’t control the game’s story in a thrilling pass)

Even Bruce Lee would nod with appreciation.

In other words, the game is very easy, and if you have gas, you can eat a little sushi or a sandwich or any other food fast enough, or treat yourself with a can of medicine in the event of a more serious injury, and we already have a health sector, we can fight without further problems even Our opponents are not running out.

Since it’s essentially a story-centered police game, in which action parts like these are kind of like “fillers,” it’s really not the case that the game isn’t “scandalous,” at least as well as a basic rock player, they can get started, who want a police adventure. Especially interactive.

Tokyo party area, like you’ve never seen it before

Kamurocho, which can also be explored in Judgment and which is also the main place in all of the Yakuza series, has never been spectacular thanks to its nextgen turbocharged graphics. It’s worth knowing about this “fictional” Kamurocho that it is modeled after the Kabukichō, Tokyo’s party district, including the “red light” streets.

The streets feature plush neon lights, advertisements, billboards, and videos that now glow even more spectacularly on different surfaces, such as puddles, windshields, or

I’m not sure it’s about ray tracing, but he knows the scene is simply overwhelming.

At the time, I hadn’t written about character development yet, and it is more detailed than I’ve seen in any game so far. I played Judgment on Xbox Series X, but we can definitely handle a similar visual revelry on PlayStation 5.

The verdict has now made its debut on Xbox, but it looks like the creators have taken this to a veteran pro after Yakuza, and thanks to this, it’s probably one of the most beautiful next-gen games to date, although it wasn’t originally made for nextgen.

Shadow pages

So far, I’ve mostly pointed out just the positives, but it doesn’t hurt to know the verdict isn’t perfect either. If you look at the street fighting parts, for example, I felt a bit redundant and silly in the long run, and more than once they broke the magic of a professional story and a little town simulation. If we had really had to fight that much in Tokyo with street gangs breaking into us around every corner, the entire city would have sunk into total chaos for a long time. Well, of course, it’s basically a video game, we need permanent opponents as well, but at least the developers could have added some logical explanation as to why simple street gangs got involved in our hero on the way.

On the other hand, the investigative part is not as mature as, say, the classics of the genre: this includes, for example, Black, Or Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment. So really no need to work (that Admin Poirot Quote), those are “gray brain cells”. This is why the gaming experience is more similar to the Netflix interactive crime series than a real police game.

Despite all these little negatives, I can only recommend the game to those who accept Yakuza is very long, meaningful and often exciting and curvy, because they are sure they will not be disappointed with it.