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Index – Tech – Witcher 3 manager may be leaving due to work intimidation

The Witcher 3 (Source: CD PROJECT RED)

One of the best and most successful role-playing games ever: The Witcher 3 director completely unexpectedly left the CD Project RED development series, being the vice president of the game development division. He was tried inside the company for “workplace intimidation”.

The CD Red project went through a difficult period after the troubled release of Cyberpunk 2077, but of course the company can always count on the Witcher franchise. Recently CDPR reported that Witcher 3 has already sold over 30 million copies, and in 2020 over two million additional copies have been sold. Unfortunately, even this part of CDPR’s business appears to be in jeopardy, as it was revealed today that the main Witcher 3 director, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz

He resigned from the Polish company

Accused of terrorism at work.

It caused a toxic atmosphere

According to a Bloomberg report, the CDPR conducted a months-long investigation into Tomaszkewitz’s behavior and ultimately found him not guilty. However, Tomaszkiewicz announced his departure from CDPR in an email to employees, admitting that it had caused a “bad mood” within the company and in several

Cause fear, anxiety, or discomfort when working with me.

No further details were revealed about the accusation against Tomaszkewitz.

In his email, Tomaszkiewicz insisted that he “will continue to work on his own”, and in a statement to Bloomberg, he said he was “sad, a bit disappointed and quit” because he left CDPR. Meanwhile, at the request of the international press, the CD Red project itself did not want to comment on the matter.

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He was a veteran leader

In addition to directing Witcher 3, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz was the co-director and producer of Cyberpunk 2077, and was expected to take the lead again on Witcher’s next major project for CDPR. He was also a true veteran colleague and manager: according to his LinkedIn profile, Tomaszkiewicz has worked at CD Projekt RED since 2004 (he founded the company in practice) and is also involved in developing the first Witcher of 2011, 2011 Witcher 2. Taken as a lead designer. He later held the positions of ‘Director’ in the hugely successful Witcher 3 and its peripherals, and ‘Creative Director’ at Cyberpunk 2077, and since 2019 he has been the Vice President of the entire Game Development division, and it is evident that he is not “just” one of the CD’s PROJECT RED Leader, but

He was also a core member of the company.

On LinkedIn, we also contacted several company employees, including Tomaszkiewic himself and Adam Badowski, the company’s president – but none of them wanted to comment on the matter.