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Index – Technical Science – The slowdown may cause millions of iPhone users to be compensated

Users have reported that a previously released software update from Apple has significantly slowed down the device. The company said that the update was necessary to preserve the battery in older devices for later use and would extend the life of the mobile phone.

However, the update did not lead to the expected results, and many had to buy a new device after the installation slowed the devices unusable. The company has already paid significant compensation to users in America, but now British victims want to achieve the same.

An iPhone user there has resorted to legal remedies and the lawsuit may result in serious financial loss to Apple. BBC. This case is a continuation of the well-known case that caused Apple to increase from the year 2020 He paid $113 million In the US, Tim Cook and the CEO have publicly apologized.

A British delinquent man named Justin Guttman is now claiming £768 million in damages from the company for 25 million British iPhone users.

In his suit to the Competition Court of Appeals, the man claims that Apple slowed the process through a so-called “choke” procedure rather than a recall or hardware repair. Although Apple said it acted in good faith, Guttmann said the company was only cheating on its customers.

The man added that it was only recently that iPhone users faced the negative consequences of the update as the company forgot to clarify the matter beforehand. According to the man, the only reason for this operation by Apple is that they wanted to hide the fact that old iPhones are having a hard time running the latest iOS software.

Instead of acting fairly and lawfully with its customers and offering free replacement, repair or compensation, Apple misled people.

Gottman said.

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According to the lawsuit, a group of Britons who used the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X phones are entitled to compensation. And also because of the nature of collective equity a BBC According to him, clients do not have to actively participate in the case to claim damages.