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Index – Technical Sciences – Frequent digital multitasking is harmful to children’s mental health

Frequent digital multitasking impairs children’s mental health, according to research conducted by the University of Luxembourg with school-age children. The way you use different tools and media plays a big role in this, experts say.

The increase in digital media consumption raises questions especially for children. However, limiting screen time is not enough, the study led by Pedro Cardoso Light highlighted in a study presented in the scientific journal PLOS One.

Using questionnaires, they examined the media consumption habits of 118 pupils between the ages of 8 and 12 and noted how this affected their attention, mental health, sleep and school performance, among other things. They factored in the number of hours they spend using digital devices, the number of times they play video games, and the number of times they digital multitasking.

Accordingly, digital multitasking in particular leads to poor mental health, sleep quality and reduced stamina. Teachers of students who use intense multitasking also indicated that behavioral signs indicative of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were more common in their condition.

However, the games did not have a negative effect. More video game use was associated with better mental health and faster response.

According to research, he is eight years old children รกThey consume digital content an average of four and a half hours a day. At the age of twelve, this time is already 8 hours and 14 minutes.

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