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Index – Technical Sciences – Ghosts have been found dancing around black holes in space

08.28.2021. 10:14

“Looking at the new data from the telescope, we saw two ghosts dancing in the depths of the universe. We had never seen anything like this before, and had no idea what it could be”- Writes Ray Norris is Professor of Astronomy at Western Sydney University in Australia.

Detected by EMU (Evolutionary map of the universe, and that is Evolutionary map of the universe) project while surveying space with a new radio telescope. ASKAP (Australian square kilometer array pathfinder, This is it Australian square kilometer block road finder) The radio telescope goes beyond space, and the EMU project with it aims to study and collect about 70 million cosmic sources that emit radio waves.

In the image composed of ASKAP data, the two ghosts are radio galaxies, with a black hole in the middle of each. Black holes are constantly firing electron beams of themselves, being folded into hideous shapes by the intergalactic winds. This is why ghosts dance. The rarity, located about a billion light-years from Earth, has been named PKS 2130-538.

Astronomers have not yet found an answer as to where the intergalactic winds come from, what makes them so entangled, and what causes radio radiation. The data from ASKAP was still undergoing several weeks of analysis, so the ghosts were also found, and further analysis and research will be needed to answer their other questions, writes Professor Norris of The Conversation. a sheet.

2108.00569.pdf (1) .png

As part of the EMU project, with the help of ASKAP, researchers have surprised regions previously thought to have been fully mapped, notes Qubit. In addition to the galaxy IC5063, for example, a radio galaxy of unprecedented size, the existence of which astronomers did not know before, was found. In addition, this radio galaxy includes a supermassive black hole emitting an electron beam about five million light-years long.

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About the findings of the EMU project so far Here Read a preliminary study in English.