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Index – Technical Sciences – Testing the engine and the fastest Tesla

Before the engine goes into production, the engine undergoes many tests, which we also tell you about. Then we show a Lada whose factory engine has not yet been started, and a Tesla that has been split by 350. We’ll also talk about the Ford Bronco coming to Europe and a very exotic Lada assembled from pieces. Total Car News.

It happens that a car engine does not last long, which can be caused by many things: mileage, rough use or even poor construction. Manufacturers try to run enough tests to prevent this from happening. We present this testing process.

We went to a meeting of Retropartisans in Vanvan, where we organized a smaller version of Tulaj a te pied. Here, by the way, we also found a familiar car: this is the Lada that came out of the garage after 34 years and did not go over 104 kilometers. Lots of fun and fun cars to follow.

The most powerful version of the Tesla Model S, the Plaid, is more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron while still being a relatively large family sedan. So far, its top speed has been limited to safety, which is what the team has now decoded and seen how How Faster Tesla Can Do.

The Ford Bronco is a fairly successful model, and already at the time of its presentation it seemed that there would be interest in it in Europe, so far this was not confirmed. However, here is the official information: The old-fashioned charming Bronco will also be available in Europe.

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