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28-year-old Italian twins, Anthony and Michael Tartaglia, have become the second most influential in Italy.

The recipe for the guys who run TikTokon MadTrinity is simple: they make burlesques with exaggerated facial expressions.

Anthony and Michael Tartaglia

Photo: TikTok MadTrinity

The comic is based on inept situations, distortions, sharp situation comics, its clumsy characters and its heroes behaving unrealistically. At the time of the film’s release and in the early stages of filmmaking, comic films were of the most popular genres, as silent films, rough action, and pantomime acted as a bridge between speechlessness.

The genre was not originally intended for entertainment, a philosophical and didactic figure, think only of Chaplin’s character Charlie, a gentleman with well-mannered braces in his hands and body on the edges of life himself, living his life as a rope dancer, but recovering after all the hardships.

And how successful is the comic in 2021 at TikTok?

Madtrinity’s presence shows that a lot. Born in 1993 in Melzo, Lombardy, the guys started creating videos for the community platform in 2018, originally supplemented by their cousin – hence their name Trinity – but quit, leaving only the twins.

The most serious in 2019, a Drama Joker movie They started working with TikTok, they claim. The Joker-inspired video played by Joaquin Phoenix was the first video to explode on the Internet. It’s true that the success of the short video wasn’t fragmented, Reddit Cringetopia And the faces that can be beaten (light faces) was also voted as one of the most unpleasant minor acts of disgrace on the forums with thousands of votes.

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However, the sister party is not late with this, they claim that they deal only with constructive criticism, and do not take offensive negative opinions. I want to use their online success to discover them and run a career as a comedian.