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Index – Technical – Xiaomi introduced smart glasses

The Chinese company introduced smart glasses called Xiaomi Smart Glasses. At the moment, it is not a product intended for end users, but a concept that demonstrates the capability of the manufacturer and predicts what is expected of the company in the coming years.

Smart glasses are planned to replace the phone

Photo: Xiaomi / YouTube

With a similar shape to traditional sunglasses, the device weighs 51 grams and is capable of displaying messages and notifications on the lens, taking pictures with the built-in camera, and navigating with the wearer with real-time instructions in mind. To do this, MicroLED optical waveguide imaging technology works in the device.

The MicroLED display is compact and lightweight, so it can be framed in a scene without noticeably increasing the weight of the frame. Optical waveguide technology aids in refraction by allowing the MicroLED screen to transmit light and allow it to reach the eye. With this, the company promises that wearing glasses does not have the effect of wearing a screen in front of our eyes, rather it creates the effect of natural glasses and does not impair vision. According to the manufacturer, the lens (i.e. the screen) is hardly thicker than a grain of rice.

The 4 µm pixel can be individually turned on and off, and is controlled by a 2.4 x 2.02 mm chip installed in the glasses. In addition, there are 496 other components working in the glasses which, according to the manufacturer’s announcement, can also function as a standalone smart device, not a multi-screen for our mobile phone, and do not need a constant connection to the smartphone.

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Mounted on one leg of the glasses, you can also see a 5-megapixel camera, similar to Snapchat Offers for his glasses, a Google glassesWidget or as a collaboration between Facebook and Ray-Ban on September 10 Foot for smart glasses. Using the camera, you can take pictures – how amazing – you can translate text in real time, and based on this, the device maps its surroundings, for example, on the move. The manufacturer promises that the LED light will indicate when the camera is activated.

Although Xiaomi has not yet shown the final product, more can be presented to know Their smart glasses concept is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, powered by an ARM chip, has a built-in battery and touchpad, and runs a modified Android operating system. It is not widely known when, if any, the concept will become productive.