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Index – The Science – Houseplants eliminate anxiety, and that’s not all

Decorating our homes with plants not only saves space from an aesthetic point of view, but can also positively affect our health. It has been proven that many types of houseplants are not only beautiful, but also have health benefits: they can clean the air, help you sleep well, and reduce stress. Plus, if we’re unlucky in gardens, we still need to replenish our lungs after city air has been polluted – both at work and in our apartment. Unfortunately, our house is too Full of Using harmful substances – carbon monoxide, electric mist – it can also be helped by green plants that clean the air.

Home spa experience with eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is one of the most beneficial and joyful things for our health. When placed in the bath, the steam and steam help release the essential oils, which can have a beneficial effect in relieving symptoms of flu and colds. The scent can really set the mood for a shower, and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of its natural oils can help relieve muscle pain and improve mood. Effectively absorbs eucalyptus fight Against bacteria of respiratory diseases, so it is an ingredient in many anti-cold preparations, an ingredient in cough candy and gargling agents. It can also be ideal as an inhaler to clean the upper respiratory tract. In addition, its strong smell repels mosquitoes and flies.

What is the benefit of the mother’s tongue?

It would be very easy to answer this question and only annoy the human being, since NASA According to his studies Indoor sanitation improves indoor air quality by filtering out many air pollutants. It also produces oxygen throughout the night, making it an ideal plant for the living room and bedroom. The good news is that it is very unpretentious, so even novice cultivators can try it, just do not like to exaggerate Overflow and hot sun But it lasts for weeks without water and feels comfortable in the shade. Be careful, as the leaf is toxic and is not recommended for young children and puppies.

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Tin nitrogen: sap

If there’s something in fashion these days, it’s keeping the succulents. The essential accessories for teen rooms are hanging ambers and mini succulents on bookshelves or in the corner of the desk. There are several possible explanations for this symptom. On the one hand, succulents seem to be very showy little “nice” Insta-compatible Mars plants that don’t require much work, yet are long-lived. Perhaps teens are like this, although succulents know much more: they produce oxygen throughout the night, remove toxins from the air, and fend off respiratory diseases. In addition, they help reduce colds and flu-like symptoms, and may also eliminate anxiety and fatigue.

studies They have shown that green plants help focus, increase brain power, and increase attention.

Survey of the University of Exeter to me The memory, productivity, and work of students and staff also improved in spaces decorated with small plants such as cacti and cacti.

So put green plants at home, in the office, everywhere.

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