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Index – The Science – Saving mice would help after earthquakes

Mini mice with backpacks and microphones he will send To the earthquake-stricken areas, under the rubble of houses, to help rescue. The microphone is not intended for mice to send out a distress signal if a cat approaches, but so that survivors trapped in the rubble can communicate with those outside.

The APOPO A project of a Belgian non-profit organization hero rat In which 170 mice were trained to perform various useful tasks. The first challenge was the discovery of landmines, the large marsupials are already 100% successful in this, but they are also trained to detect tuberculosis, the latest news is the post-earthquake reconnaissance. The training site is a pile of fake rubble in which a simulated earthquake situation for animals is created.

Mice are ideal for helping out in disaster areas because of their speed, and they can get into small spaces to reach people buried under rubble Victims.

The localization device in the backpack follows the animal’s movement, so it can also locate potential survivors. As a researcher and trainer, Dr. Donna Keane said:

Mice are very good at survival, which means they are suitable for search and rescue work. Because it’s small and nimble, it’s great for use in tight spaces. They are very social and easy to train, we have taught them to return to base on a beep.

APOPO is the only organization that specializes in rat training, and there are other similar companies that deal with dog training. The results are promising and the coaches are optimistic.

The rodents will be deployed to Turkey for the first time to work with the GAE search and rescue team. If they succeed, the mice may be able to shake off the bad prejudices associated with them.

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