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Index – Vomo – Prince Harry prepares for revenge, family peace is impossible

He intentionally wants to take revenge on Prince Harry for the royal family’s insult to his wife, former American actress Meghan Markle. Events of the last few days Not in a very surprising statement in light of this, Angela Levine, Prince Harry Sussex biographer.

Prince Harry, who now lives in Los Angeles with his wife, recently spoke quite freely on a podcast, claiming that in his youth he had to endure “the pain and suffering” of his father, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Then many took the risk that the 36-year-old British aristocrat did not intentionally want to offend the royal family, but according to his biographer, he had put it down in a very realistic way.

People tend to think of them as fools, but I don’t think so. I think he knows exactly what he’s saying, he wants to hurt them and punish them because he feels he’s offended, he’s offended

Angela Levine commented on the Prince’s interview on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. According to the biographer, “Such a delicate thing,” the relationship between the princely couple of Sussex and other members of the royal family – especially his brother, Prince William of Cambridge, and Princess Catherine – could not be restored especially in less than twenty years. Minutes. At the funeral of his grandfather Prince of Edinburgh, the Philippines. As many hurtful statements are made, he does not even hope for reconciliation.

Incidentally, Angela Levine argues that Prince Harry wasn’t always like this, as if he has completely changed since working together on a biographical book in 2017.

Everything is shocking and disturbing because when I have been in contact with him for a year, he has acted fantastically, radiating positivity. He seemed to have problems, but he did not play the victim. Now it’s like he’s been through a terrible brainwash, and he’s like victim number one

The British tabloid newspaper quoted, The Daily Star Biography writer’s comment.

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