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Indicator – Economy – A shortage of drivers could also lead to a shortage of goods in Hungary

2021.10.26. 16:20

Soon, the usual UK product shortages could develop today in Hungary as well, due to a reduction in the number of drivers, said Tivadar Urvay, a spokesman for the Hungarian Road Carriers Association. Scratch FMto me.

The Index previously reported that staples such as chicken, turkey and pork are not available in the UK, but also that people must be without beer because at least a hundred thousand drivers are missing from the logistics sector, which also hampers strikes.

The Hungarian expert said that

Despite the relatively high salary of seven or eight hundred thousand forints, few make up for the constant absence from the family, the wandering life, the inconveniences of the lack of proper resting places, and the expensive license.

There are quite a few drivers working at the moment, but this job and the way of life that comes with it is no less attractive to young people.

Tivadar Urfai stressed that two-thirds of the 130,000 employees will retire or leave the business within a few years, so it is easy to imagine that the supply of goods will become a problem. The spokesman stressed that the majority of companies

It already provides the service at a basic cost and is unable to pay higher wages.

All this is further complicated by higher costs, such as repair fees and vehicle parts prices, but customers are reluctant to pay more for transportation, and compulsory liability insurance fees are exceptionally high in Hungary.

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