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Indicator – Economy – According to London analysts, the growth rate of the Hungarian economy this year could reach seven percent

According to recent forecasts by macroeconomic analysts in London, the annual growth rate of the Hungarian economy could reach 7% this year, according to MTI.

a Morgan Stanley In a new regional forecast presented Friday, an emerging markets analyst at the London investment division of Global Financial Services noted that the Hungarian economy grew at an annual rate of 17.9 percent in the second quarter, vastly exceeding analysts’ consensus.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley in London expected Hungary’s GDP to rise 16% compared to the same quarter last year.

House experts said in their assessment of the situation on Friday: Based on stronger-than-expected GDP growth in the second quarter and still-favourable growth forecasts, the Hungarian economy’s growth rate for the full-year growth this year is their forecast.

a Morgan Stanley Analysts in London confirmed that their new forecast significantly exceeded those of Magyar Nemzeti, with MNB currently forecasting 6.2% growth in the Hungarian economy this year. At the same time, Morgan Stanley’s forecast for Hungary’s GDP growth is expected to be more modest at 3.6% annually by 2022, mainly due to the higher base this year, but also because the company expects the Hungarian economy to grow closer to before. The coronavirus epidemic, and this is expected to slow the pace of recovery next year. In the current growth environment, the house expects twelve-month inflation in Hungary to peak at 5 percent in November.

a Morgan Stanley With this in mind, London analysts expect further monetary tightening by the MNB in ​​the coming months, and their current expectation is for the Hungarian central bank’s key rate to peak at 2.10 per cent in the current tightening cycle.

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In the Hungarian economy, other big London homes are also forecasting strong annual growth this year in their latest forecast, but Morgan Stanley His revised forecast, released on Friday, is the most optimistic yet. The credit rating division of Standard & Poor’s Global Financial Services Group (S&P Global Ratings) affirmed Hungary’s long- and short-term sovereign debt rating at “BBB/A-2”, with an investment recommendation rating, as stated in its explanatory note. 6: You expect full-year real growth in the Hungarian economy to reach 1% this year, assuming that the number of coronavirus infections will not start rising quickly again. According to forecasts by London-based S&P analysts, the value of Hungary’s GDP may reach its pre-coronavirus level again this year.

Another global credit rating agency, Fitch Ratings It also recently reaffirmed Hungary’s long-term foreign-currency sovereign debt rating at “BBB” with a stable outlook, noting that it expects Hungary’s GDP to grow by 6.5 percent this year and 4.8 percent on average in 2022. 2023. Increases in real terms. Fitch analysts in London highlighted that the projected growth rates significantly exceed the growth potential of the Hungarian economy.