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Indicator – Economy – Four-day working week succeeded نجح

On a trial basis, a four-day work week has been introduced in some workplaces in Iceland BBC. According to the authorities, productivity in the workplace has not changed and even increased in most companies.

The four-day weekly work experience has already been offered in several countries, such as Spain and Unilever in New Zealand.

According to the experimental results so far, Cooperat “A landslide success.”

Earlier, the University of Auckland conducted research in which they concluded that thanks to a four-day work week, workers could perform up to twenty percent better. The topic of the four-day working week is already on the agenda in many countries, including Spain and New Zealand. In Japan, Microsoft has already experimented with the Abbreviated Workweek:

However, closing offices every Friday did not deteriorate indicators, but rather increased productivity by 40%.

In Hungary, experiments have so far not led to significant and far-reaching change. Although managers used to reduce working hours during the pandemic, this was only used as a temporary solution, avoiding widespread cost-cutting and redundancy.

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