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Inoculate with Sinopharm, he wrote a letter to the decision-makers

In their letter, they stated that there are many different opinions about post-vaccination tests, but their experts and research also indicate a clear link between neutralizing antibodies and clinical protection, indicating that the main clinical efficacy in China also depends on this.

Unfortunately, since reliable scientific publications about the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine and the induced cellular response are still not available, there is an increasing scientific opinion based on research and public publications that clinical protection against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) can antibody, i.e. Equivalent antibody levels, closely related to clinical protection.

The letter also cites several studies indicating inactivation of the virus with vaccines The cellular immune response to Sinopharm does not develop, only a “humoral” immune response, so a negative test result shows that vaccination with Sinopharm did not induce protection against SARS 2 and COVID-19.

There is no cellular immune response

Their claim is also supported by the fact that more and more people are taking IgG, S1, S2, Spike protein, anti-nucleocapsid, neutralization, and T-cell tests at their own expense several weeks after the second vaccination. The results of the official laboratory tests that are shown on several interfaces, Facebook groups and expert reports show that the results of the tests for neutralization and cellular immunity are mostly the same as in previous tests, so many of us are either very weak or have no immune protection against it. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). They write that there were also several people in our group who tested their neutralization and / or cellular immunity 4-6 weeks after the second vaccination after negative IgG tests, and also gave a negative result.

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This issue mostly affects the over 60 age group, but not exclusively. An extract of the laboratory results is also attached to the letter, which entrusts the decision-making bodies concerned with the possibility of requesting statistics on the results of laboratory tests that conduct examinations ex officio or from the interface of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

They have been vaccinated, but they are not safe

With negative medical opinions, these people rightly feel that even though they have taken the proposed vaccine, they are not safe enough. Especially now, in addition to the measures of opening up in the country, they have to live more carefully, with a distance or, if appropriate, in isolation, as if they were not immune, without any error on their part. Consists of a speech addressed to decision-makers.

Even if they do have a “certificate of protection”, they cannot benefit from it, or if they do, they may put themselves and their environment at risk.

Now that workplaces have gradually opened up and are phasing out of their epidemiological measures as a result of government action, they can place their employees or clients who are vaccinated but unprotected or give a false sense of security to those who have not tested their level of protection and believe they are protected. And, no, he emphasized the message writers, who also created the Facebook group

They were vaccinated with Sinopharm vaccine with negative antibody levels Basim.

As they write, they know this is a “statistical error” but they are also being asked to make sure they get adequate protection, as they already do in other countries where Sinopharm has been vaccinated – this is how the UAE, Bahrain and Serbia looked.

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They are ordering a free test and a new vaccine

They are also required to have free access to appropriate serological tests, including tests of cellular immunity and antibody count, and to obtain another booster / booster vaccine with another type of vaccine, preferably mRNA-based, depending on the results, or for the test entirely negative, allowing By re-registering for another series of vaccinations, as those affected can be considered non-immune!

There is enough vaccine, it shouldn’t be an obstacle

It is also reported that according to the official position, sufficient vaccines are available or will be available in the country for this purpose, as more than 12 million doses of vaccines have already been received and another 17.2 million doses of Western vaccines are ordered or in stock, so this should not be an obstacle in Solve our problem.