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Insiders made it up: ‘Meghan pulled Harry like a circus animal’

According to Ingrid Seward, it only took the American actress four months for her “captivating” husband to dedicate to her when he became “obsessed.” According to the leading biographer of the royal family Meghan pulled Harry like a ‘circus seal’ after she painted him under her spell. According to the expert, it was not by chance that she asked the prince to keep their relationship secret, because Harry has not yet given up on the actress. Meghan wasn’t even late, she tried to trick Harry into her ASAP.

Photo: AFP

“I don’t like her for that, but somehow it’s impressive that she was able to pack so much in in such a short time. I totally enchanted Harry in just 4 months, if you asked her to follow her to the end of the world Harry would follow her with a big smile. He became obsessed. With her, Meghan pulled her like a circus seal. She had to keep Harry tied up short, because it was her ticket to higher circles. Because, after all, what would Meghan be without Harry? The young, up-and-coming actress.” The expert gave his opinion.

He also blamed Meghan for wanting to show the world a virginal wedding in a white dress, when you can’t forget that Meghan was already married. But he marveled at a line in front of Harry, and sighed or sighed, and Harry happily fulfilled all his dreams.


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