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Instagram has censored the poster for Almodóvar’s new movie

The picture shows the nipple.

A new Instagram movie was revealed at the Venice Film Festival in early September Pedro AlmodóvarDrama showing the meeting of two mothers waiting to give birth in the hospital Parallel mothers Poster (Parallel Mothers), however, the popular photo and video sharing site decided to remove it from its surface shortly after uploading.

The photo is based on an optical illusion — it shows a photographed nipple with a drop of milk falling into the eyes due to a cut — but it still depicts exposed breasts, so Facebook, who has Instagram in hand, deleted it because it’s forbidden nudity.

Poster Designer Javier Jaen According to him, the giant should be ashamed of the decision, because it is clearly an example of censorship.

The platform has since apologized: According to a statement sent to The Associated Press

Sometimes, under certain circumstances, exceptions are made – which includes technical context – so the post has been restored and they have lamented about it.

Almodovar is a permanent actress, Penelope Cruz The film, starring, is likely to hit Hungarian cinemas at the end of 2021.

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