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Instead of lemon, put it in the water in the summer to make it healthy

Instead of lemon, put it in the water in the summer to make it healthy

In summer it is very important to have plenty of water in your body, staying hydrated also helps in digestion and is very important for the skin. If you don’t drink enough fluids, not only can you feel thirsty, but headaches and fatigue are also common. You can also enjoy many types of delicious lemonade or ice water for good, but now we show you ideas that are tasty, healthy and shake your taste buds a little.

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Refreshing peach plum

If you don’t want to drink industrial and sugary drinks, don’t miss the peach and plum blend. Wash the two fruits, quarter them, add the crushed mint and dissolve in a liter of water. Leave it for an hour in the fridge and you can eat it. You can also add ice cubes of course.

Watermelon and basil are a great couple

Watermelon is great if you want to hydrate, and basil is a perfect choice. Add 10 dkg watermelon cubes and 7 basil leaves to 1 liter of water. Mix well, you can use a blender stick. You get a divinely delicious and refreshing drink.

Grapefruit, lemon, rosemary

Exciting flavors mingle in this summery refreshment. rosemary and lime f grapefruit You can do wonders together. What you need for refreshments: 1/4 grapefruit, a few leaves of rosemary, a liter of water and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients together, then pour into the glass over the ice cubes.

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