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Intel revealed the gamers’ dream, the fastest 12th generation CPUs

The faster i9-12900KS processor recommended for playing video games will be thicker.

At this year’s CES, Intel unveiled the latest addition to its next-generation product line, the Core i9-12900KS, which beats all processors currently available.

The 12900KS can clock in at up to 5.2GHz on a single P core, and can keep the boost around 5GHz over the long term, which is an impressive improvement.

The slide was viewed by a monitoring tool called HWinFO Hitman 3 by jogging. The test showed that the 12900KS is an excellent gaming processor, and according to DDR5 RAM stocks stabilizeThe availability of compatible motherboards is changing, giving gamers new opportunities to upgrade their PC.

However, the 12900KS could face a very strong challenge, namely AMD Ryzen X3D CPUs, which It was equipped with a stacked L3 cache.

Surprisingly, the new high-end processor isn’t the first high-capacity chip ever released by Intel, as the limited-edition i7-8086K chips and i9-9900KS CPUs boast similar technology.

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