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Intel will build huge factories with a lot of money

According to the head of the company, 60-120 billion dollars will be spent on contract manufacturing work.

Intel so far Detailed in March IDM 2.0, which is an extension of the original Integrated Device Manufacturing model. As is well known, the Santa Clara giant not only designs chips, but also manufactures them, but the 2.0 model complements this with expansion, which means that Intel IP blocks can be manufactured at a contract manufacturer, while processor cores can be manufactured by TSMC. At the same time, and most importantly, Intel itself will become a contract manufacturer.

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For Intel to be able to serve potential partners, it needs to build a much larger manufacturing capacity than previously planned. Pat Gelsinger, President and CEO of the company, A Washington Post In an interview, he pretty much ignored how he imagined it. On the other hand, it will be built relatively close to the universities. This makes it easy to recruit staff and provides opportunities to manage joint projects with universities.

The planned Giga plant within the United States is expected to include 6-8 plant buildings, each at a cost of $10-15 billion. Thus the total cost of the investment can range between $60 billion and $120 billion. Of course, the factory buildings will not be built at the same time, but a decade-long plan. All this will eventually create hundreds of thousands of jobs, which means that Intel is thinking of a smaller city.

The company will announce the location of the planned Giga plant later this year, and details could begin later.

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