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Internet Explorer ended next year, remember the old versions?

Next year, support for the once-dominant Internet browser, Internet Explorer, will be permanently discontinued and replaced with Edge, so we remember a little bit about the history of the program that launched many of us surfing the web.

In recent years, Microsoft has become increasingly concerned about trying to dissuade people from the once popular Internet Explorer browser. Since the introduction of Windows 10 with the company’s new and self-developed Edge browser, Internet Explorer is increasingly turning to the background.

At first Microsoft actually discontinued the brand itself, then no longer supports it via the Teams web app, and this year the company’s services like Office 365, OneDrive and Outlook will no longer work with it.

So the machete has been hovering over Internet Explorer’s head for quite some time, but not for long, as Microsoft announced that from the summer of 2022, the browser, which has seen better days, will no longer be supported. At least not for regular editions of Windows 10, while long-term licensed enterprise editions will continue to receive at least security updates.

So we can say that in a year Internet Explorer will cease to exist for the vast majority of users.

Of course, this is not a big deal, especially since Microsoft itself offers an alternative to the aforementioned Edge image, which has been completely rebuilt on the foundations of Chromium since its release (for example, Google Chrome uses this as well), so it works very well for all modern expectations.Satisfactory Plus, it’s very fast and consumes little memory compared to most competitors.

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So it actually corresponds to everything that Internet Explorer no longer knew in the last decade of its life, and thus fell behind the competition. But this was not always the case, as it was once the most popular browser in the world, and through it many of us encountered the wonders of the Internet for the first time. Now we would like to remember this history through an exhibition and some interesting things:

Click to open a gallery where you can follow the history of Internet Explorer with us from the beginning!Source: Origo

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