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Introduced Nintendo Switch Sports

I will follow in the footsteps of my immediate predecessor, with well-known popular solutions and some new offerings.

According to the latest information, Nintendo simply cannot produce enough consoles, so there is no reason to complain about the development. Now the cover has been pulled from behind Wii Sports, which will repeat the success of the original development, in part with a new design and a richer rendering, although there are still some missing.

Needless to say, Wii Sports proved to be very popular at the time, and seemed to be based primarily on the manufacturer, which again offers several different titles and accessories in the same package. Posted on the official website Registration In addition to the favorite bowling and tennis, Switch Sports also aims to serve fans of badminton, soccer, volleyball and chambara, with virtually the same look and design, the Joy-Con and a variety of customizable sensors.through motion detection. A good example of the latter is the foot strap, which mainly helps with soccer, and can also be found in the box by default, so we don’t have to buy it separately.

The company supports both online and offline entertainment, in a number of different formats, the former is available in 1v1 and 2v2 and free for all, but the battle royale is shown here as well, including bowling, which is also shown in a demo video. I got a seat. Interestingly, boxing is not on the list, it doesn’t appear in the video nor the official website, and it looks like it will be replaced by “Chambara”, which is surprising because the original piece was also clearly popular. The company immediately promised free DLC for the movie as well as making golf available later, but the Nintendo Direct video also mentions a number of other games, their development, and their additions.

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the switch sports It can be pre-ordered right now, the online test will start on February 15th, but the official release will only be due on April 29th.