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Introducing iOS 15 | 24 h

Apple has moved its annual WWDC conference for developers entirely into the online space again this year, which will take place over several days, and the curiosity of the average user will be in the opening speech. Although it was heard earlier that hardware would be introduced this time, in the end only software innovations were discussed. Typically the most significant announcement from WWDC is always the next complete mobile iOS software, and indeed this year’s iOS 15, which, while not introducing huge innovations, is particularly boosting in terms of productivity and data security.

With the new iOS, FaceTime will be revamped, this time around, it’s no surprise that developers have refined group video calling in a way that approximates the zoom. There’s more advanced background noise filtering, as well as a few useful little things, like a frame around the current speaker during conference calls, and a new portrait mode. Apple assures that FaceTime calls with end-to-end encryption ensure that users’ conversations are protected.

IOS 15 brings a “Shared with You” feature to Messages, which essentially groups links, images, and content from conversations into a separate interface, making it easier to look back at a later time. As we use our mobile phone for both work and private purposes, we may get distracted, especially by notifications, and the Focus app is introduced to address this, allowing us to set more detailed notifications for apps in certain circumstances and life situations.

And if you already have notifications: the new system has given some thought to the look of notifications and the display logic in a way that the notifications of the most used apps come to mind.

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Live Text is a small but useful innovation, where algorithms convert text that appears in images into text that can be copied and edited, making it easier to take notes, for example. In addition, the Weather app is being updated, as is Apple Maps, which now includes several 3D images of the lower and upper lanes.

iOS 15 will become available, as usual, in the second half of the year.

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