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Investments in the restart plan are aimed at mitigating the negative effects of the epidemic on mental health

In Slovakia, significant progress is needed in ensuring humane, modern and accessible mental health care for people. 105 million euros will be allocated from the restart plan for this purpose. Among other things, the investments will help mitigate the pandemic’s effects on people’s mental health. The project has already been approved by the government.

Interpreters indicate that fear of illness, insecurity, and the future has increased the need for spiritual help and spiritual care. Part of the population does not turn to professionals and mental health centers for fear of stigma.

Therefore, helplines in which the anonymity of the person seeking help is ensured plays an important role.

The paper stated that “the current capacity of government aid lines is limited, especially in the field of mental health, so some services will be taken by the civil sector.”
Based on the pilot project, the first aid phone service will start working in several shifts in the second quarter of next year, with a grant of € 1 million.

In addition, treatment methods that provide psychological care must be modernized. It is absolutely necessary to train specialists who provide first aid, update diagnostic methods, renew physical and technical equipment, improve the institutional treatment environment and raise the professional standards of workers there.

Mental health care modernization, improved accessibility, quality improvement, and long-term social health care could be achieved in Slovakia out of a total of € 1.533 billion.


It is important to know that spiritual help is also available in the native language, Hungarian.

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