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IO Interactive has opened a new studio where 3 games will be developed

IO Interactive appears to have done well when it bought itself and the Hitman series in 2017 from Square Enix. Since then, the company has ballooned, opening a new studio in Malmö in 2019 and now in Barcelona. The newly announced company will not suffer from a shortage of work, as it will work on three projects in an instant.

IOI Barcelona will, of course, receive the Glacier engine used for studio games, and its capabilities will be put to good use in three games. Not surprisingly, one of the titles was the recently announced Project 007, which will help in his work. It’s a very ambitious game as the company tries to put the entire original James Bond story on the table.

Although IO has stated that the Adventures of Agent 47, the Hitman series, will be put on rest for some time, Barcelona Guard will continue to operate in the game world. This may be laying the groundwork for a new Hitman game later, but of course it can only be about helping the work of the upcoming mobile game, Sniper Assassin, which promises to be available sometime this year on Android and iOS.

Of course, the promotions to Hitman 3 should not be neglected either, as you have done 300% better sales than Hitman 2.

Finally, work has begun on a mysterious third title, and the company hasn’t dropped its official announcement yet, so we don’t have information yet on what that title is. Either way, the developers are already looking for the projects involved, this one You can view it here.

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