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IONIQ 6: This is when the prophecy becomes true

After the fully leaked visuals revealed the design of the Hyundai IONIQ 6 yesterday afternoon, the South Korean automaker officially pulled the lid on its all-new electric car in the evening. This is the brand’s second E-GMP floorboard model built under the new generation of electric vehicles, and it’s also the first electric sedan to be imagined using electric propulsion from the start. However, the IONIQ 6 cannot be clearly classified as a sedan, as the company came up with a very special design. second.

In fact, Hyundai has never made any secret that the IONIQ sub-brand will line up models that would be hard to pass without a closer look. Even with a squat, crossover, but hatchback, the IONIQ 5 stands out stunningly from the cars parked on the streets, and the newest member of the family will be no different. However, the overall picture here is quite the opposite: while the IONIQ 5 is a respectable rock that braves river waves without compromise, the IONIQ 6 is a perfectly functioning gravel that has adapted to currents for millions of years.

The car has an impressive drag coefficient of 0.21, the lowest among all cars of the brand to date. The lowered nose, active front spoiler and optional digital slim side mirrors contribute to this. The pursuit of extreme aerodynamics has created a somewhat extravagant look for the IONIQ 6, which isn’t too exotic anymore today, as we’ve seen a number of electric cars in recent months as designers rethink what the car might look like in terms of energy efficiency. The model is otherwise Study Prophecy 2020 Based on.

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More than 700 so-called Parametric Pixels are integrated into the IONIQ 6 in various locations, such as the headlights, taillights, fan trim and center console that reinforce the identity of the IONIQ sub-brand.

The cabin, of course, is very far from the interior of the future spaceship that we saw in the Prophecy Study. Notes Reminiscent of the IONIQ 5, the two 12-inch screens, but the center console, which extends from the seats to the dashboard as a bridge, is a big difference between the two IONIQs.

The full launch of the IONIQ 6 will begin in July, when we will also receive information about the model’s driveline and digital technologies.

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