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Is Hugh Jackman gay? He’s the wife of a heartbreaking actor

The charming star of the X-men movies, Hugh Jackman, has been implicated in a gay scandal. The actor’s wife also spoke.

Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborah Lee Furness, have been a constant target of online trolls, criticizing the couple for years, and rumors recently have suggested that the X-men movie star is actually attracted to their gender and his wife is just an excuse.

The Golden Globe-nominated Australian actor married Furness, aged 13, in 1996, with whom they adopted two children who have since named Oscar Maximilian Jackman and Ava Elliot Jackman.

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The rumor about the actor’s sexuality shocked the wife, who said that the rumor was baseless and a huge nonsense, and she did not understand why, if her husband was gay, he should hide it from the world.

“I mean, hey guys – if it’s hot, it might be! You don’t have to hide from the world anymore! Then you can even date Brad Pitt. It’s not like Brad is gay, but you get what I mean.”

quotes daily Mail Furness, which he put like that on his podcast isn’t an overnight success.

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