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Is it impossible to achieve herd immunity against the Corona virus? Alarm received

It is expected that we will get used to the fact that normal daily life will include the Coronavirus, as well as seasonal flu. O Mjong Don said that even vaccinating 70 percent of the population will not lead to community immunity.

Herd immunity develops when a large part of the population becomes immune to a pathogen, and as a result, the spread of the virus almost completely stops.

O Mjong Don said herd immunity can only be achieved if vaccines can effectively prevent vaccinated people from infecting others. According to British research, there is a 38 to 49 per cent chance that a person vaccinated with the first dose will not infect others.

Vaccines developed against a new type of coronavirus have a good chance of avoiding symptoms of the disease – 95 percent of the vaccine is, for example, the Pfizer vaccine, but this does not mean that people who have been vaccinated cannot become infected or pass the disease. The virus on others.

The development of community immunity is also hindered by uncertainty about how long vaccines provide protection. The South Korean expert noted that current research indicates that it may take approximately 6 months. Earlier in South Korea, it was expected that if 70 percent of the population were vaccinated or infected, then community immunity could develop.

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