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Is Johnson’s England crashing? New referendum in Scotland – and a no-confidence vote

Prime Minister Johnson is on a visit to Scotland.

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Prime Minister Sturgeon plans an independent Scotland. He is proposing a new referendum bill. New worries for Boris Johnson?

Edinburgh – Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants the Scottish people to vote again when Great Britain gains independence. The referendum is scheduled for the new legislature. Like the referendum in 2014, the Scottish people will decide whether Scotland wants to be an independent country. On Monday, Sturgeon’s National Party (SNP) tabled a bill for a referendum. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “absolutely” rejects a new referendum.

Scottish government bill for a new referendum

Six weeks before the parliamentary elections in Scotland, one thing is clear: the people of Scotland can re-determine their independence. According to the draft, the referendum date is in the upcoming legislature, giving Scots the opportunity to assess how Scotland has recovered from the epidemic. Mike Russell, the SNP’s cabinet member, said people should consider “what country we want to be in after the crisis.” “Should Scotland be an independent country?” The draft law provides for people to be questioned again from the 2014 referendum. Foreigners over the age of 16 and those entitled to vote should also be allowed to vote.

Great Britain: Prime Minister Boris Johnson “absolutely” rejects Scottish independence

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Against the new independence referendum. He “absolutely” rejects Scots’ planned independence, as the UK did before leaving the EU. He will not accept any more resolution and will bet on an entire UK.

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Russell said Monday that there was no democratic justification for London to block voting if pro-independence parties win a majority in the May 6 election. His national party, the SNP, represents an independent Scotland. He expects a majority in the May 6 parliamentary election, although his prime minister, Sturgeon, has been criticized for misleading parliament. He faces a no-confidence motion in parliament on Tuesday.

Scotland: Independent expertise supports sturgeon

Sturgeon, 50, is suspected of misleading the Scottish parliament. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. A year ago, Salmond was charged with rape and sexual harassment. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

Last Monday, Attorney James Hamilton submitted to Parliament an independent opinion in support of the head of government. According to the expert, he does not lie or break a code of conduct. Nevertheless, she must face the hopeless movement. The chances of victory for Sturgeon are obvious: the Greens do not support the demands of the conservative opposition. With the votes of the party, the head of government will have a majority.