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Is Lucasfilm preparing a video player ad?

Disney and Lucasfilm have launched a new promotion, the essence of which is to get something new from them every week for the rest of the year: various memorabilia, accessories, books and toys will be presented, among other things, first week For example, new characters and Funko Pop figures were shown, and clothes were shown.

The good news is that based on the roadmap outlined in the linked post, we can expect a video player announcement on December 14 (a few days after the Game Awards), although it’s no longer clear what kind of project the shroud will drop. The console diagram is certainly encouraging, but we hope it’s not just a presentation to the parties.

Anyway, we know that several Star Wars projects are already underway. In January, Lucasfilm in essence confirmed that it would not renew its exclusive agreement with EA, allowing Ubisoft to make an open world action game on the subject, among other things, and Aspyr to remake the Knights of the Old Republic. Quantic Dream is also said to be working on Star Wars, and of course EA will continue to experiment with the franchise – though, they promised they definitely wouldn’t announce anything about it before 2022.

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