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Is Nintendo 64 Emulation Improved on Nintendo Switch Online? [VIDEO]

Emulation of N64 games in the top tier of the Nintendo Switch Online service is slowly starting to improve.

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack category launched in October (so you can access SEGA Mega Drive games beyond Nintendo 64 titles, for example) and the reception wasn’t overwhelmingly positive: N64 game emulation wasn’t the best, nor example, it was not possible to change the key assignment. There are places where audio lags, for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time we can see from the comparison below that the handling of the fog on the Transformer is pretty poor.

In November, Doint Bowser, the US president of Nintendo, said in an unusual way that his criticism of N64 emulation from Nintendo Switch Online had been taken seriously. Two months have passed since then, and Banjo-Kazooie has appeared on the playlist. But that’s not the only thing going on in the background, because the big N seems to have taken the formula slap really well, because the simulation was slowly moving in the right direction. In Ocarina of Time, for example, the water quality is no longer surprising, but the fog is still not present.

LuigiBlood, a data miner according to The Japanese company has not modified the game’s ROM files, which may be a sign of a console emulator overhaul. But it’s really far from the end of the tunnel: Yoshi’s story, Mario Paper, and Dr. Mario 64 are largely graphically wrong. Controller Pak is not supported (ie the memory card doesn’t work…) but is not currently activated from the user’s point of view, even though it is in the code.

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The Nintendo 64 game library can be expanded by twenty more titles to include at least 38 games on Nintendo Switch Online, he writes. MondomegaAnd there will be 17 more N64 titles than there are on the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console…

So Nintendo is slowly but surely moving towards proper quality, but it doesn’t hurt to ask: Why didn’t you wait a little longer? a start the service?

source: VGC