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Is Perfect Dark and Fable’s comeback “far” too?

In fact, it is EverweldWe still have a long way to go, according to Christopher Dring, who writes for Gamesindustry.

VGC latest trail Podcast Speak during Microsoft (Or more precisely Xbox Game StudiosThree main exclusives, and Total darkness Resurrection (which can be considered an elite team The initiative Work), a myth The Return (which the two already own studios Playground games Responsible) and rare Everwild in his workshop will be waiting for us. The topic brought up because there was a conversation about the exclusive topics Sony and Microsoft were about to have.

Although Dring praised Xbox Game Studio with words of praise (because there are so many great teams under the XGS banner; here we can beat all of the Bethesda teams, including id Software!), And although the games are manufactured, he has More XGS talked to his friend and announced games are still very far away. He joked that there might even be a new Xbox console on the market by the time these games are released, which is why, given the rumors surrounding Hideo Kojima (will Microsoft release its next game?), Redmond could be in third place. The party may enter into foreign agreements to obtain exclusive titles that are still far away.

Next, Clubril A. On Twitter Talk about what he knows. According to him, Everwild will appear in 2022, Fable in 2023, and Perfect Dark will only appear after 2023. He had always been his prediction for him, so he thought Dering didn’t say anything new. Interestingly, Microsoft announced Everwild during the X019 event in November 2019, while the other two titles were officially confirmed last year.

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As a result, Microsoft can not induce game development (they have money while Sony does not have much …) and thus prefer to strive for the right quality at the very early due soon (this mistake was made by Cyberpunk 2077 he is).

Source: WCCFTech