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Is there a new virus lab in Hungary? – This is a completely different Hungarian reopening!

An article in Daily recalls that in the past Austria appeared to be a country that provided epidemiological information on what would happen to us in 10-14 days. Today, however, that has changed, with the third wave beginning earlier than ours and erupting with greater force.

The article in that article points out that the British epidemic and vaccine campaign are ahead of us at the right time, and while the vaccine is growing at the same rate, it is worth comparing data from both countries. Mostly because

“The British have a very comprehensive start plan, which promises to completely deregulate by June 21, while respecting the warning and phase policies.”

The article points out an important similarity:

  • The British and Hungarian waves, although not simultaneously, show many similarities in terms of the slope of the curves. It starts in Hungary after about 10 weeks A steep rise in the number of cases like the English.
  • The British and Hungarian vaccines are similar. This helps as most vaccines are given a second dose than the British. We are already better than the island nation in getting vaccinated with the second dose. So we are 6-6.5 weeks behind the British from the vaccination rate.

However, the newspaper article did not mention a significant difference: the maximum score (based on the Oxford University Index) for the severity of UK control measures was 87.96 points, which lasted 2 months. In Hungary, the current measures correspond to the strictness of 79.63 points, if April 8-9. The gradual reopening of shops (shops and services) will begin around the 19th century, and schools will open on April 19th, after which the harsh period in Hungary will last only 4.5-6 weeks. The magnitude of the severity of the control measures and their temporary effect is a significant difference between the two countries: so Hungary gained significantly more leeway in this matter. (The article here states that “restrictions have been tightened for two weeks at the British level”).

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According to the article, “we have two indicators – the number of vaccines and the number of new cases – that can reduce the course of the Hungarian epidemic from the development of the United Kingdom”. One, we are following the British with a six-time delay, and the other with a ten-week delay.

Based on this, he writes daily, always well-known about government developments, that “the steps of the British start-up plan could be implemented in Hungary with an eight-week delay.” The UK government’s start-up strategy looks like this: there is a five-week interval between each start-up phase, during which data is collected for four weeks, during the last week, the analysis of this data can be used to determine whether the next start-up phase is entered.

The British have planned a full opening by June 21st on the grounds that all restrictions may be lifted with us by August 21st.

Opening of shops and allowing domestic holidays will begin on April 12 in the island nation, which, according to earlier assumptions, will “reach” Hungary on June 7 or July 12.

The daily article also points out that the slow reopening of Hungary than planned by the government will be justified (schools that will now reopen on April 9 and then reopen on April 19). In particular, if we take into account that the intensity of Hungarian control measures will be reduced to the level of British austerity measures and will not last long (the article does not).According to current plans). The government has mandated that a phase-building strategy be launched for 2.5 million vaccinated people (all registered seniors over the age of 65 are expected to be vaccinated).
It can also be considered an interesting development that there have been many revelations from the government and experts in recent days, which is the Hungarian opening, Compared to current projects. Epidemiologist John Slavic has bluntly stated that we are still far from herd immunity and that restrictions “cannot be imposed” in any way. Rector Bela Merkley of Semmelweis University called on the people to endure the ban for another month and a half.
The need to reopen at a later stage is also supported by the latest data from the hospital stay (both the number of people admitted to the hospital and the number of people on the ventilator). Stuck near the peak, They were before Above the capacity ceiling They).

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