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Is this how Dwayne Johnson kisses? Emily Blunt’s betrayal!

The actress did not hide her opinion.

The thread of love woven on the film screen requires a kissing scene from the movie protagonists, but for routine actors, this is not the case. Starless Without Sound and Rock took part in the premiere of their joint movie The Jungle Tour the other day, and while we can talk about the adventure movie in its theme, as in good Hollywood, no work can miss the emotional interweaving of the two main characters, Cinema Blunt and Johnson did. be no exception.

Before the show, Emily and Dwayne walked hand in hand on the red carpet as E! The news picked them up in a lightning interview. One of the questions was directed specifically at the actress, with the reporter asking her what it’s like to kiss a rock? – writes Jared only.

Blunt replied with a laugh, hastily adding that he was only joking, so no one should take him seriously.

The film, which will soon be in Hungarian cinemas, follows the adventures of scientist Lily and captain of the ship Frank through the jungle. The nullifier struggles through obstacles to find the Tree of Life, which, according to legend, has healing powers and can therefore be of great use for medicine.

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