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Is Villa Corda not for sale? Here is the answer

Is Villa Corda not for sale? Here is the answer

Previously, advertising was found on one of the largest real estate portals. Now Blikk wondered if György Korda and Klári Balázs would sell the beautiful villa in Buda.

“We’ve thought about it before, but this ad is no longer up to date, and we’re not selling the fork. Plus, I’ll turn 83 in January, so think about who wants to move anywhere at that age.” Reply György Korda to the question why there is an advertisement for their home on the real estate page.

It was no secret that the epidemic did not work out well for Giorgi Korda and Clary Palaz, because, in addition to banning the concert, they could not operate the hotel in the villa. It is known that in one part of the 3-storey villa there is a private apartment for the Korda couple, while in the other parts a hotel has been converted. A pandemic here or there, Korda has managed to find a solution so she doesn’t have to send her staff.

“The hotel is still occupied with more people, but we are not full of guests who are only arriving for a few days. Gyorgy Korda, who bought the property 30 years ago and completely renovated it, years ago said, “Of course, the revenue is not as much as it was before,” he added. But at least we can keep the hotel up to it.”

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