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Gáspár Evelin has been with her boyfriend for 8 months now, and it’s been announced now

Evelin also revealed that on their first date, Victory kept calling him.

It has been known for some time that Gáspár Evelin has a boyfriend, and now he is Story Magazine Details were said. Attila Varga wrote about Evelyn on a social site, who at first found this type of dating strange.

“We first met after a week of chatting, and my parents weren’t happy anyway.”

Evelyn said. He said, “It was said that it was not normal for me to meet an unknown person. My father kept calling me during the appointment to see if everything was OK and he had to send him a joint psychic.”

Their second meeting took place at Evelyn’s birthday party, thanks to her victory, where she invited Attila. Then events swelled shortly after Evelyn traveled to Istanbul with the man’s family.

“Most people have prejudice against me and my family. Of course it didn’t help much because I was late to the airport due to traffic, I was able to cure myself of a minus. But they were very kind, straight to me, and at first I almost refuted their reservations too”

Evelyn said. Attila was initially annoyed that his partner would be recognized pretty much everywhere and would go there. “Everywhere we went, I heard people whispering to each other to look, it’s Gaspar Evelyn, and then they came to ask for a picture together. I couldn’t move far,” Attila said.


They moved last November, Evelin moved to Nyíregyháza, because Attila is bound by his work. By the way, Gáspár Győző had already considered the venue for the wedding, but the couple had not yet woven such long-term plans.

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“I’m still learning how to live together. In general, this is like living in a normal relationship. So far, no one has loved, respected, or valued like Attila.”

Evelyn reported.