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It became a diplomatic smile from the meeting between Szijjártó and the US Secretary of State

Anthony Blinken is trying to fool the idea of ​​a global minimum tax in resistant countries like Hungary.

Besides the scandal that broke out over the Pandora Documents, there were also sentences saying that Hungary very similar to a tax haven. It is quite similar in that the corporate ownership structure in corporations is relatively transparent, and it cannot be hidden as, for example, in the British Virgin Islands. In contrast, corporate tax, for example, is as low as it is in a few European countries. This is why the global minimum tax largely planned by the United States (which would have preceded the tax optimization of giant corporations) did not cause much happiness in the Hungarian government.

Peter Szijjártó He has been critical of the American idea repeatedly in the past, and on Wednesday sat down to discuss the matter with Anthony Blink With the US Secretary of State in Paris. According to Szijjártó, “perhaps the most exciting topic in the international political space” is now the question of minimum taxes. According to him, Blinken himself requested the meeting and indicated that this is an important issue for the United States. wagon a Facebook social networking siteAdded:

I said that Hungary is ready to make concessions if we can agree on a regulation that neither harms the Hungarian economy nor endangers Hungarian jobs. Based on the discussions in Paris today, I see some opportunities for that.

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