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It disappeared and then returned to Steam on Ready or Not

Those who were looking for Ready or Notto on Steam these days to gain insight into the lives of SWATers did so in vain, as FPS was sucked out of the store. It’s back today and the developers have also provided an explanation for this phenomenon.

Void Interactive announced its readiness or not five years ago, then introduced with Team17 last year, and together made SWAT FPS early access available by the end of the year. Almost giving up their tracks a few days after their release: Although no official explanation was ever given, the breakup was announced after the developers made way for a school shooting course.

Void Interactive had another bad day a few days ago: Ready or Not suddenly disappeared completely from Steam. With no explanation received, the player base started guessing, and it was discovered that a patch that came on June 12th might be behind it. And with that, the nightclub track arrived, nearly six years after the massacre of 49 people in 2016 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

Report the situation to the studio today Clarification: In their opinion, the rumors were completely unfounded, and in fact, they obtained it for possible copyright infringement. Indeed, the new track was behind the phenomenon, but due to the filming of some elements of the nightclub. The team then redesigned the course and removed all previous social media and video content that showed the club in its former state.

Ready or Not is back on Steam, and we’re back to an issue with SWAT protection.

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