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It ended up being a huge surprise for Star, the singer who dropped out after his best production

Nine people stood on stage on TV2 Sunday night as Attila Kokini, Sabi Papp, Ramona Lekai Kiss and Zalan McCrantzi evaluate production once again on the star’s fourth live show. The audience could see great performances, and several of them finished the evening with 39-40 points: Emilio onstage was just as impressed as those behind the jury, Andras Stoll was a one-to-one like the original performer, and Christian Zampo wanted to show himself sexy.

Lili Péterffy opened the live show, played by sexy singer, Jennifer Lopez: she was happy to show a more fiery side and trusted before the performance that the jury would not be able to take their eyes off her. He made a great studio vibe, garnered a lot of praise, and finally got a score of 36, although Papp Szabi missed the shower scene a bit.

The Man Show continued with Mark, who had won the previous show, but now it wasn’t an easy task: Cardi B returned to the skin of the Grammy-winning American rapper and songwriter. Attila Kokkini described his appearance as a terrible actress, but others liked the latex fitting – he got points not for his costume, but for the performance, a total of 40.

Krisztián Zámbó said he would create an exciting friendship: this evening he performed Fred Sa sexy also Right Said, earning 34 points. He was followed by Adrien Szekeres, who played Origó as Pápai Joci, and according to Ramona Lekai Kis there were a lot of similarities, he really liked the performance, but Zalán Makranczi saw it as a bit fragmented: his turnaround was worth 38 points.

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Dallos Bogira was not at all known, her appearance and voice are similar to Missy Elliot. He was called the extremist who blew up the stage, and he also showed points: he got 39 points.

turn around! The article continues and it also becomes clear who was the best of the evening and who had to say goodbye!