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It even happens that the crew comes up with things to reassure the passengers

For many, one of the most fun parts of flying is looking out the window and trying to figure out which part of the world the plane is racing over. Passengers often turn to the cabin crew for advice in this regard, assuming, of course, that they will be able to determine their location with expert accuracy.

Do they cheat sometimes?

However, a flight attendant says that’s not the case at all, and claims crews sometimes simply figure things out if they don’t know the real answer. An airline expert said it was unlikely that a crew member would know where they were unless they hovered over something “obvious, like the Grand Canyon.”

He probably said all the answers were just made up. Sure, unless you’re a very attentive geography teacher, you probably will one way or the other, but you’ll accept what he tells you. About safety precautions, don’t take matters into your own hands before take off and don’t. t serve then what to do? If the trip is too long, what do you do when you have nothing to do? In response, another user noted that they often receive various questions about connections and packages, as well as ‘questions about what we’re flying over’.

After thinking about that last point, they added, “We usually don’t know unless it’s as obvious as the Grand Canyon, so if we gave an answer, we might just guess.” This wasn’t the only realization that emerged from the discussion: Many flight attendants came up with their own experiences.

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Another flight attendant responded that she was often the “restroom inspectors” assigned at this time, and sighed, “We simply spend a great deal of time explaining how to open the door to people. And we tell people that only one person can go at a time. To the bathroom.” . A third wrote, “Try to eat what they inevitably cut down. And I am happy to help, but please, for the love of all things holy, do not speak/breathe on my food.”

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